2 Major & 1 Minor O.T.

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If the operation theatre (OT) area is the ‘heart’ of any hospital, then the ‘patient’ is the centre point of a functioning OT. There are 2 major and 1 minor OTs in Earth Hospital and Research Centre that are fitted with all modern instruments and facilities. All the OTs are well-equipped with anaesthesia machines, fibre-optic endoscopes, nerve locators, anaesthesia equipment, multipara monitors for safe administration of pre-surgery procedures. Depending on the quantum of the surgery, major or minor OT is chosen.

All major invasive surgical procedures that involve cutting into and working inside a patient’s body are performed in the Major OT. The necessary equipment used in major surgical OTs like the surgical lamp light, surgical table, patient monitor, X-ray machine, infusion pump, anaesthesia machine, trolley, ECG machine, oxygen generator, defibrillator, etc. Other common equipment used in long-haul surgical procedures such as suction machine, ventilator machine etc are also present in the operation theatre.

Minor and non-invasive or minimally invasive surgical procedures are conducted in the Minor OT. These include incision and excision biopsies, fine needle aspirations, long-term I/V butterfly fitting.

Utmost care is taken while sterilization and disinfection of both OTs. Disposable, one-time use injections, swabs, I/V instruments are used to ensure zero cross-infection rates. All equipment are calibrated on a regular basis and maintained in their best running condition. Earth Hospital has one of the finest OT setups in Patna.

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