24×7 Emergency Services

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Earth Hospital offers 24-hour emergency services, geared to meet any emergency or life-threatening circumstance. Our Ambulance Service is capable to retrieve any critically ill patient even from far distance. Setting a benchmark of international standards, the Emergency department is reputed to respond the quickest in times of accident, home and road distress situations. Our Ambulance service matches all standardized criteria as these are well-equipped with all means to monitor and ventilate patients during transportation.
The Emergency Department of Earth Hospital consists of modernized Intensive Care Units (ICUs), Emergency Units, Critical Care Units (CCUs), and Ambulance enabling multi-layered communication system.
The department is manned by teams of experienced Doctors, ICU-trained Nurses and Para-medical staff, trained Ward Boys. The entire staff is well-trained in triage and patient management during all kind of emergencies.

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